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Talking Time® 9: The Ohm Universe – Beyond the Moon & Stars

The Omega Speedmaster has been glowing in the limelight in recent years, more dramatically than ever, especially with the world-wide frenzy over the “Moonswatch”. However, Omega is more than just the moon watch as other legacy models such as the Constellations and Seamasters from the 1960s, which are a must-have for every serious collectors. Dive […]

Talking Time® 7: The Ladies & their Watches

We have Mars Time on watches today but what about Venus Time? As the old adage goes; Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but are there really differences in the way contemporary women pick their watches compared to men. The growth of Asia has seen the rise of watch collecting among women. […]

Talking Time® 6: Vincent Calabrese & The Calasys system

Meet the venerable watchmaker, Vincent Calabrese, also known as the Philosophical Engineer in this exclusive brand feature. Engage the watchmaker in an up-close and personal settings and learn about his philosophy and thoughts on watchmaking and the independent watchmaking scene as a whole. Discover the marvel behind the Calasys system, an invention that is designed […]