The Advocacy

13-22th october

With a focus on purposeful luxury that sustains and elevates nature, culture, talent, passions and the community, the Advocacy Show is a first-of-its kind curated from across industry collaborative exhibition.


Orchard Road is more than a shopping street. Each of its subprecinct Tanglin (Arts & Artisanal), Orchard (Fashion & Luxury) and Somerset (Youth), stitched together by Orchard Road, has different personalities. Curated showcase of this illustrious precinct’s evolution into a global melting pot for luxury and living.
• The Past presents historical anecdotes of Orchard Road
• The Present shows exclusive and/or unique modern luxury in jewellery, fashion and living in Orchard Road
• The Future envisions an enriched, modern style of living

Caratell (Singapore)
Edition 1 & 2 | 21 – 30 Oct
Booth C06

With the visionary Michael Koh at the helm, it is no wonder Caratell has not only been named one of the Top 10 Jewellery brands in Singapore for 7 consecutive years but is also widely renowned in the region. The maestro’s genius and passion for creating the finest jewelry beautifully harmonizes art, engineering, and science. The final result is simply breathtaking and never ceases to impress and inspire.



The Chinese Women’s Association originally began as The Chinese Ladies Association in 1915 with a group of 23 young, energetic and educated women under the leadership of founding President, Mrs Lee Choon Guan MBE. Members participate in community action by planning cultural, educational and social activities contributing to charitable and civic causes and by fostering international goodwill and friendships. The Chinese Women’s Association also supports women’s endeavours and CWA congratulates our member Angela Loh on her successful organization of Ultra Luxe.

Famosi (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C20A

Fabio M Cascapera is the owner of Famosi Singapore Pte Ltd and Oro D’Italia Pte Ltd, and is an established diamond dealer with over 40 years of experience in this elusive industry.With 3 generations of jewellers in his family line, Fabio Cascapera was one of the first few to break through the Asian barrier of 22kt gold to introduce 18kt Italian gold chains and jewellery in Singapore and the Asian market.

Flower Diamond (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C18B

Flower Diamond represents the unique, eternal and beautiful shine that all women possess. The brand wants to help amplify that light by creating timeless fine jewellery that every woman deserves. Sophisticated and luxurious, every Flower Diamond piece is designed for maximum versatility, allowing it to be worn over multiple occasions.

Freya (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C18A

Freyá is fine-jewellery line based in Singapore, featuring tastefully luxurious high-end jewellery that explores contemporary designs using diamonds and precious stones. Their bespoke collection centres around distinctive, special stones that are used to create stunning pieces. By perfecting the dressing-up of any diamond or stone, Freyá’s designs remain unique. The brand recognises the intimate nature of the bespoke design process, and values the importance of interpersonal relationships with their clients.

H.Sena (Singapore)
Edition 1 & 2 | 21 – 30 Oct
Booth C05

Expertly designed and created with exquisite care, every H. Sena piece is a timeless work of art that stands apart from changing fashions of the day. The brand is known for precisely crafted bespoke pieces that use only premium quality diamonds and coloured stones, married with 18K gold, white gold, and platinum. Founded in 1919 by Sinhalese craftsman Henry Senanayake, H. Sena is today helmed by his grand-daughter Methane Senanayake, who continues to uphold his commitment to excellence.

Infiniti Jewels (Singapore)
Edition 1 & 2 | 21 – 30 Oct
Edition 1: Booth C09-12 
Edition2: Booth C01-04

At the heart of Infiniti Jewels lies the timeless beauty of diamonds and rare gems. The Mehta family, a house committed to unravelling the utmost in precious stones with integrity and authenticity, never ceases to inspire with creations that are works of rarity, where investability converges with style and versatility. Trust and respect, the hallmark of Infiniti Jewels’ creations, ensures that every gem’s potential is maximised.

Ivy Masterpiece (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C17B

Every Ivy Masterpiece bespoke creation is carefully produced through both modern and traditional techniques. The process begins with daydreams, sketches, and a hoard of natural gemstones, and ends with magical, exclusive pieces that realise those dreams. Ivy Masterpiece also boasts an extensive ready-to-wear collection that is made up of hand-forged pieces of lush gemstones set in ethically-sourced gold.


Singapore fashion designer Lai Chan is best known for his beautiful designs of the figure-flattering Qipao or Cheongsam. His refined fashion sensibilities and unwavering commitment towards beauty and quality, has earned him a reputation in the fashion circuit. Lai Chan creates pieces that are timeless, comfortable, and come from the ingenuous combination of traditional techniques and newer style influences. His designs include a line of classic, elegant ready-to- wear prêt-à-porter collection that is sophisticated yet chic.

La Putri (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C20B

Jeweller to Royals and Socialites, La Putri provides the best that they can give for every aspect of the La Putri experience. Beginning with ethical and meticulous sourcing of natural gemstones to innovative design and craftsmanship, each La Putri creation is unique and exquisite. La Putri’s passion for gemstones ensures that our in-house collection includes a wide range from jadeite to sapphires, to rare spinels and Paraiba tourmalines. La Putri also has decades of experience with providing bespoke customised jewellery and understands the importance of unparalleled personal service.


Shophouse Club is an “invitation-only” modern day social club for shophouse owners, investors and businesses. Co-founders Simon Monteiro and Florence Ang are passionate about Singapore’s built heritage and started the club in 2022 to engage connoisseurs of life who appreciate history and culture.

From lifestyle and social events alongside educational seminars, Shophouse Club seeks to help its members build meaningful relationships and foster an environment to collaborate, grow and succeed as a community. With provenance storytelling, Shophouse Club showcases how shophouse properties in Singapore are a unique asset class favoured by HNWIs for wealth creation and preservation. Above all else, the goal is to start conversations about these historical gems and take a “protect and grow” approach by focusing on the adaptive reuse of historic buildings.

State Property (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C17A

State Property is an award-winning fine jewellery label rooted in Singapore. The label navigates the cusp of art and design, fusing contemporary approaches to design with traditional craftsmanship. Inspired by Mother Nature and Science, State Property plays with structured silhouettes in precious metals juxtaposed against soft textures, offering subtle yet adventurous pieces for those with an appetite for both style and quality.


The Jewel Box (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C19A

The Jewel Box is a private design house dedicated to creating bespoke jewellery and offering personalised services. In the expert hands of their master craftsmen, The Jewel Box creates extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, heirloom-quality jewellery pieces that resonate with personal stories, achievements and dreams. Only the most precious metals and finest quality stones are selected and brought together using a combination of traditional and modern jewellery techniques.


The King’s Bespoke (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C19B

The King’s Bespoke is the brand that works with amazing gems and brings them into their clients’ lives with exquisitely crafted bespoke jewellery.

Catch a glimpse of heaven through gemstones with the passionate Gemstone Man, Tay Kunming. Experience and learn about gemstones like never before through their Gem Museum as well.


 An exhibition and runway show of modern royal – juxtaposing European brands rich in heritage and lineage in jewellery design and craft; paired with the “queen” of modern lace and frills, Anne Fontaine and Singapore’s own ‘blue-blood” talent, milliner Kris Hakim’s crowning glories with a modern twist.



Thanks to Anne Fontaine, almost every modern woman has a white shirt in their wardrobe. The Anne Fontaine brand was inspired by the contents of an old trunk that the designer and her husband found, which was filled to the brim with white shirts, leading them to take over his family’s clothing business. The brand has since grown into a complete wardrobe designed around the white shirt, with accessories to match.

Alexander Laut (USA)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S23

Alexander Laut opened its flagship atelier in Hawaii in 2003. His creations are all crafted by hand, one piece at a time, by Japanese craftsmen best known for their attention to quality and detail. Since then, the brand has become popular with jewellery connoisseurs worldwide. Alexander’s unique creative style emphasises rare natural stones which he selects himself, with a focus on large, rare and unusual collectible stones. He is also known for his collections of natural sea pearls from the South Sea combined with precious stones. Each Alexander Laut piece is unique, with its own identification code and the author’s stamp.


Eskpade Millinery is a vintage influenced hats and headpiece that are inspired by glamorous fashion icons such as Marlene Dietrich, Dita Von teese and other characters from film and theatre. Their goal is to allow wearers to “escape” everyday mundanity, re-live the old world glamour and become their dream characters. Every piece is carefully handcrafted by Kristine Hakim with high quality material, using both traditional and new craft techniques. For her, each creation is an expression women’s beauty and femininity.



Goodrich Global is Asia’s leading supplier of wallcoverings, fabrics, carpets and flooring materials. Their track record shows their determination to be the leader their our industry. Their success can be attributed to their motivated team of professionals and their commitment to achieve excellence in all areas of their operations. Goodrich’s 39 years of extensive space creation experience offers the best solutions with creativity


Liza Borzaya (U.S.A)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S20

Established in 2015 by creative director and founder, Elizaveta Borzunova, Moscow-based Borzaya produces hallmark pieces of transformative jewellery that are comfortable, artistic, and pleasing to the eye. These technically complex creations – painting on hot enamel, or Pavé on intricate, plastic forms – are designed for versatility, allowing them to be worn in many ways, and giving the wearer the power to control and transform their appearance in the fashion that they want.


Mousson Atelier (Thailand)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C21

Mousson Atelier is known for its innovative creativity and distinctive designs. The key guiding principle behind each Mousson Atelier piece is its Beauty. Every element and process that goes into it must add to its eventual allure, from the quality of the precious stones and the purity of the metals, to the precision of the technologies and the experience of their experts. The result is a collection of jewellery that are both exclusive, and accessible to a wide audience.


Paolo Costagli (Italy)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S24

Paolo Costagli is renowned for its modern and distinctly bold designs, augmented with the creativity and technical expertise of its founder. Clean geometrics, an acute attention to proportions and unique colour combinations are a nod to the Italian landscape and architectural details of his upbringing in Florence and Venice. Paolo is recognised as an icon in modern high jewellery with his signature Brillante creation on permanent display at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York.


SICIS (Italy)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C23

From their origins as specialists in interior mosaics, SICIS is now stunning the world with their jewellery offerings, highlighting their expertise through the incorporation of micromosaics. Carefully selected stones, chosen for their perfect shapes, are set with absolute mastery in precious metals, creating sensational jewellery masterpieces that catch the light for a mesmerising effect.


Tenzo (Estonia)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C22

Tenzo cleverly combines the artful play of forms and colours with traditional techniques in jewellery hand-craftsmanship to create breath-taking jewels of impeccable gems. Despite the complexity and diversity of the gemstones and precious materials, Tenzo’s one-of-a-kind pieces are exceptionally unique and worthy to be passed on as family heirlooms. Those who admire Tenzo and his work will understand the inspirational art that underpins each and every piece he creates.


Utopia Jewels (Italy)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S22

Utopia was born from a desire to reinterpret pearl jewellery, allowing women the opportunity to wear these “gems of the seas” in a modern, unconventional fashion, free from the old preconceptions of pearls. By merging tradition techniques with avant-garde technology and design, Utopia sculpts an unmistakable identity with each piece created, imbuing them with a universe of inspirations: nature, with its shapes and colours, art, architecture and design in history.


NeueLuxe curated showcase envisages a new luxury of audacious spirit in creation – bringing together brands from Brasil that uphold a new vision of haute joaillerie, are imaginative experimental, and awe-inspiring.


Boudica Jewellery (Singapore)
Edition 2 | 26-30 Oct
Booth S01

Boudica Jewellery puts a creative spin on diamonds and gemstones for women who’re not afraid of standing out. Named after the brave, fearless Celtic warrior queen who led her army to battle against the Romans, Boudica believes in creating jewellery that empowers women of all walks of life. This Singapore-based brand was established in 2018 by GIA certified gemologist, Sweta Jain, who cut her teeth into the jewellery industry for 10 years. Sweta believes every woman possesses immense strength and her creations will reflect this uniqueness, power and fortitude.


Celebrities HK Jewellery (Hong Kong)
Edition 1&2 | 21-30 Oct
Booth S13

With a keen awareness of modern trends, Celebrities HK Jewellery offers today’s women classic, timeless and elegant designs that can be worn from the boardroom, to the bedroom, and beyond. While it boasts a sterling collection of pieces featuring diamonds, precious gemstones and pearls, the brand’s strength lies in its expertise of natural Burmese Grade ‘A’ Jade presented in a myriad of styles, all of which are well-loved by customers, who appreciate subtle sophistication and grace.


Dejade (Hong Kong)
Edition 2 | 26-30 Oct
Booth C07

A specialist in the sourcing of diamonds and natural rare jadeite from Myanmar, Gransky Jewellery pays exceptional attention and care to the entire process, from processing, to designing, and setting, to create stunning pieces of quality, rarity and durability. Gransky fuses inspirations from both Chinese and Western influences to drive its creative journey, producing a collection of exquisite fine jewellery that is accessible to everyone.


Gadore (Singapore)
Edition 1&2 | 21 – 30 Oct
Booth S14

Gadore, a new brand by Teng Huat jewellery, is a line of charm pendants that come in different shapes in gold. Just in time for Christmas, this charming collection of charm pendants subverts the negativity currently associated with snowflakes, and reclaims the uniqueness that snowflakes represent. Each design comes with a powerful “I am” affirmation, reminding the wearer of her own feminine divinity, her Goddess-given strength, and her unlimited potential.


Gemayel (Lebanon)
Edition 2 | 26 – 30 Oct
Booth S08

Since its establishment in 1969, Gemayel Jewellery has grown into a worldwide name with a reputation for creativity and quality, revolutionising modern diamond jewellery design with its distinctive graphic style. Steffy Gemayel helms the brand today, creating a new line that is younger, more dynamic, and ideally suited for the fun, modern woman. Every Gemayel piece is a brilliantly-designed work of art, combining carefully selected diamonds with glamorous gold settings to convey warmth and luxury. With such innovation and attention to detail, it’s no wonder that the brand is now taking the world by storm.


Jaipore (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C07

Jaipore by Ritu Aurora brings the sophisticated vision of the founder, Ritu Aurora, into the Jaipore brand with a glamorous, audacious style that is accessible to women for all occasions. With concepts and styles that defy categorisation, their jewellery comes with a “never say never” attitude, a quality that is distilled from Ritu’s keen eye for beauty, her personal style, her heritage and her own life experiences.


Kavant and Sharart (Thailand)
Edition 1 & 2| 21 – 30 Oct
Booth C08

Founded by award- winning husband and wife designer duo, Nuttapon (Kenny) and Shar-Linn, Kavant & Sharart is precisely what the modern woman is looking for in fine jewellery. Their creations combine Kenny’s avant- garde style, his infinite love for nature, and his passion for pearls, organic forms and materials, with Sharlinn’s fascination with the eclectic style of Art Deco and Oriental Arts to create their signature style of geometric lines juxtaposed with subtle curves. To date, Kavant & Sharart pieces have been worn by many celebrities, such as Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Madonna, Tina Fey, Hilary Duff, Uzo Aduba, Lily Collins, and Gabrielle Union.


Leonori (Italy)
Edition 2 | 26 – 30 Oct
Booth S07

The house of Leonori Gioielli, established in 1962, has stayed true to its founding ethos: selecting only the best gemstones, crafted almost entirely by hand, and honouring Italy’s jewellery-making traditions. Now helmed by a new generation, Leonori is poised to enter a new era that converges heritage and modernity, bringing conceptual design and contemporary fashion sensibilities to inspire and guide the brand bravely forward.

M&B Jewellers

With over three decades of experience, M&B is a brand highly regarded and trusted by both new and returning clients. Spread globally in key markets such as Antwerp, Hong Kong, New York and Tel Aviv, with luxury retail suites in both Hong Kong and Singapore, M&B has become an authority for rare pieces sought after by auction houses, royalty and high net-worth individuals. In their mission to let every customer have the piece of jewellery they want, M&B introduced the “Wholetail” experience – high-end retail at wholesale prices, thus providing the highest value, expertise and integrity to customers, without compromising on excellence.


Morcha (U.S.A)
Edition 2 | 26 – 30 Oct
Booth S12

MORCHA Diamonds is a family-owned business with a heritage of over three decades. They are a leading diamond manufacturer with whollyowned global resources, from mining, cutting and polishing, to marketing and retail distribution. Every Morcha diamond is selected for its impeccable quality and character. The gem is meticulously cut to reveal maximum brilliance and radiant fire, with a precision that ensures optimum light refraction through the diamond, enhancing its overall sparkle. Morcha is a pioneer in strictly utilising settings that allow diamonds to appear as if they are floating in their settings.


Oro22 (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S08

Oro22 is Poh Heng’s signature collection with Design Innovation at its core, a unique 22K gold in Moonlight glow celebrating the tenacity and versatility of women.


Poh Heng (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S07

As Singapore’s leader in gold jewellery for over 70 years since 1948, Poh Heng sets the benchmark to offer fine gold jewellery with remarkable craftmanship of the highest quality. Poh Heng’s unwavering brand philosophy gives our customers the peace of mind that their jewellery is of exceptional quality and guaranteed purity, well-loved by many generations.


Renee Jewellers (Dubai)
Edition 1 & 2 | 21 – 30 Oct
Booth S02-03

A brand that is synonymous with haute diamond jewellery and unparalleled customer experience, RENÉE consistently delivers unique, one-of-a-kind investment and couture pieces that stand the test of time, trends and creativity. Founders, Neeraj Jain and Subhra Sen, describe their collections as “an amalgamation of unbridled creativity, quality and adept craftsmanship”, ensuring that every RENÉE creation remains a joy forever to each and every customer.


Rota e Rota (Italy)
Edition 1 & 2 | 21 – 30 Oct
Booth S06

Born of passion and creativity, Rota e Rota is the result of Floriano and Gianni Rota’s quest for inimitable design and perfect shapes, which they derive from the fusion of the highest quality stones and diamonds set in a spectrum of gilded colours. The brand is known today around the world, and distributed in the most exclusive boutiques. In these spectacular collections, tradition and innovation come together in their creations of high jewellery.



Founder Sylvia Lim and a duo of friends conceived Triologie as a fashion label dedicated to the happy, free-spirited and world-savvy woman. The label is all about telling the Singapore story and the desire to preserve a piece of Singapore. Triologie is well known for fun and cheerful print fabrics that feature Singapore’s diverse cultures, using elements that are uniquely Singaporean, and interpreted in a very personable way.


Yoel Deil Diamonds (Israel)
Edition 1 & 2 | 21 – 30 Oct
Booth S09

Yoel Deil Diamonds is a precious stone specialist that offers both loose diamonds as well as rare and unique pieces of jewellery art. The company focuses on natural fancy colour diamonds, of which they are a first-hand producer and processor, ensuring that their offerings have the best cut and the most brilliant sparkle. In over 20 years, Yoel Deil has grown to be an industry leader, with branches in major Asian capitals.


Zahira (Thailand)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S01

Zahira Fine Jewellery is the creation of Thai-American sisters, Nina and Emi, who developed a deep love and appreciation for jewels and jewellery at a young age, under the guidance of their father, a global high-end coloured gemstone dealer. The sisters launched Zahira in 2015 with their debut collection of vivid and vivacious designs, and began offering bespoke services by co-creating one-of-a-kind pieces with their growing clientele list. Every Zahira creation is a masterpiece, utilising imaginative and alluring designs to enhance the beauty of the quality jewels at its heart.


Zydo (Italy)
Edition 1 & 2 | 21 – 30 Oct
Edition 1: Booth C01-04
Edition2: Booth C09–12

Founded in 1972 by Davide Zybert, ZYDO is today one of the most respected brands in the industry, continuously producing one of a kind, high quality jewellery in Italy, for a clientele that includes high profile individuals, world-renowned celebrities and royal families. ZYDO collections are timeless, yet always evolving with time, and the brand guarantees that each piece will remain forever cherished and lasting for generations to come.


This curated showcase presents world class brands that preserve Nature and Culture in our lives through harnessing their appreciation and/or ensuring their sustainability. Enriching our urban aesthetics, these brands unleash the power and beauty of Nature and Culture, their creations inspired by, meticulously crafted with and/or committed to sustaining these two cornerstone of our existence.


Daria de Koning (U.S.A)
Edition 1 | 21-25 Oct
Booth S10 – S12

Los Angeles-based jewellery designer, trained fine artist and gemologist, Daria de Koning launched her own line in 2006. Hailed the Gem Whisperer, Daria de Koning has an uncanny eye for identifying the rare beauty of raw gems and crafting them into one- of-a-kind jewel art – likened to “painting with gems”. She has since garnered a cult following for her iconic creations in 18K, always with matrix-rich gemstones and accented with glowing gems. 


生け花 – Ikebana (literally “giving life to flowers”) is the Japanese art of flower arrangement, in which the arrangement brings nature and humanity closer together. Ikebana aims to bring out the inner beauty and grace of nature with the minimal use of floral materials.
It conveys and provokes emotions through the lines, structure and colours of the floral arrangements.


Kimberly McDonald (U.S.A)
Edition 1| 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C08

Creating the connection between owner and jewellery is the hallmark of the Kimberly McDonald brand. Her love for all things natural is more than a foundation for her work as a designer, but also integral to the brand’s existence. Everything is made from the finest natural materials – reclaimed diamonds, recycled gold and none of the stones are color treated because of her belief that the natural can speak for itself.


Established in 1992, MM Galleri specialises in supplying a wide range of common to rare natural stones. MM Galleri is the first to discover the innovative and revolutionary bended marble technology that creates new and unique pieces of stone furniture, application, and art objects. MM Galleri successfully builds a connection with Mother Earth through their artful and innovative creation of living styles crafted with marble, bringing the luxury of Nature into our lives.

Risis (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S10 – S12

From the serendipitous discovery in 1976 to encase fresh orchid flowers in gold, to today’s kaleidoscope of exquisite jewellery pieces, RISIS has come a long way. Through the years, RISIS has remained true to its vision to create jewellery, sculptures, and artefacts in superb 24K gold plating that celebrate the different facets of Singapore and Asian culture.


Silvia Furmanovich (Brazil)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S10 – S12

Since launching her brand over 20 years ago, Silvia Furmanovich has become one of the most visionary artists working in fine jewellery today. Based in Brazil, and with an international presence, the family-run business is founded on a fascination with craftsmanship, a love of natural materials and meticulous attention to detail. Her collection includes unusual elements, such as wood marquetry, ebony, shells, and woven bamboo, balanced with the opulence of yellow gold, rose gold, diamonds and the dazzling coloured gemstones for which Brazil is known. Employing a unique alchemy of found artefacts, traditional techniques and materials both humble and precious, Silvia creates wearable art that feels timeless and one-of-a- kind.


Susana Grau Batlle (U.S.A)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S10 – S12

Susana Grau Batlle is an ethical brand, focused on the art of high-end handmade jewellery. Susana, the designer, drives the brand, seeking balance between the energy of precious stones – their design and shape – and materials, from a perspective of colour and harmony, in order to create true works of art. Susana aims for the entire design and production process to be as ethical as possible. She is not only mindful of the ethical sources of the metals and precious gems but also on giving back to the planet with measured impact.


Fashion of Asia – India
Legacies of a Rich History Asia’s rising jewellery stars present their inspired creations on the runway, revealing works of art infused with spirituality and soul, while the curated showcase is a display of the continent’s rich history of luxury. Expect to discover fascinating designs that honour tradition and heritage, while ensuring a keen relevance to modern aesthetics.


ARAYA Fine Jewellery (India)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C14

Modern yet timeless. Bold & unique. Versatile in all forms. Fifth generations private jewellers, Sidhant & Ashni Kothari masterfully bring alive one-of-a-kind modern high jewelry creations using the finest gemstones. Welcome to the world of Araya.


Manjrie (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C15

The emerging Indian fine jewellery artisan brand of Manjrie re-imagines Indian traditional jewellery designs by infusing it with a modern narrative. Every piece is imbued with layers of meaning through the artful application of hand-craftsmanship, culminating in a stunning creation that is rich with inspiration. Versatile to go from day to evening looks, Manjrie is a multi- faceted brand for women with defined and purposeful aesthetics.


Masterstrokes by Jewels Emporium (India)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C15

With Masterstrokes, founder Anup Bohra has pioneered the use of French enamelling in contemporary Indian jewellery. These extraordinary works of wearable art utilise techniques like plique-à- jour, champlevé and basse-taille to interweave Islam-inspired geometric shapes with the naturalistic forms of Hindu aesthetics. His creations converge innovative originality with the audacity of Indian jewellery traditions to tell colourful stories.


Tichu (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C15

Defined as Timeless, Involved, Contributive, Healing and Unusual, TICHU uses the luxury of silver as wearable art to audaciously celebrate Life. At the heart of every TICHU creation beats a Crystal Quartz, believed to bring all kinds of positivity. Smriti Bohra, pioneer and creative director of TICHU, advocates a holistic approach to life, showcasing the deep connections between Nature and mankind through her work.


Umrao (India)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth C13

Umrao is founded by Anuj Shah, a third-generation scion of the Shah family, known for their rare gems that are sought after by collectors and renowned brands. Umrao’s designs have been worn by many Hollywood celebrities Michelle Obama, Julia Roberts, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Mendez, Jada Pinkett Smith to name a few. Dubbed India’s contemporary designer by Indian auction house Saffronart, Umrao’s distinctive art deco design, with geometrical elements, softened by decorative features evident in Indian art, are artistic works of microscopic precision.


The Studio Explore the alluring world of bespoke jewellery with local designers Calla Lily and An Order of Bling, and perhaps walk away with a unique custom creation that fits you to perfection


An Order of Bling (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S17

An Order of Bling is a delightful jewellery brand that celebrates wit, soul and artistry. Principal Designer Sara Sze imbues her creations with her passion, intellect, and talent for storytelling, resulting in pieces that surprise and inspire. The brand seeks to create a modern interpretation of the glamour that pervaded the grand old days, with fine jewellery that is meticulously crafted, easily appreciated, and celebrated for generations.


Calla Lily Fine Jewellers (Singapore)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S16

For Calla Lily’s founder and creative lead, Emily Tan, the passion for design runs deep. From bespoke shoes and costume jewellery, she was driven by a desire to create pieces that last, and found her place in fine bespoke jewellery. Calla Lily is known for their distinctively playful signature modular designs, which can be adapted to various occasions, or combined with other pieces to create new looks. In tandem with Emily’s classic, feminine design touches, inspired by everything around her, the result are creations that are refreshing, unique, and infinitely delightful.


Shelly by Dynasty (Hong Kong)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S15

Founded in 1995, Shelly by Dynasty was born out of a simple desire to create interesting and stylish jewellery for everyday styling. Designer, Shelly’s own vibrant personality is the inspiration behind her creations. With her strong fashion sense and firm pulse on the modern woman’s pace of life, Shelly creates dazzling signature pieces to accentuate the strength and femininity of today’s woman.


Tagili (U.S.A)
Edition 1 | 21 – 25 Oct
Booth S18

A specialist in handcrafting one-of-a-kind 22K gold jewellery, the artist Lisa Cheatham of Tagili Designs combines the pureness of the metal with the energies of the meticulously selected stones, and forges them into extraordinary creations with love and intention. Her jewellery are designed and handcrafted to effortlessly transition from day to evening looks, emitting positivity, confidence and empowerment.